【Republic of China.TAIWAN】The Chungyuan Festival.Introduction of Chungyuan Pu Tu(台灣-中元節.中元普渡)

by 狗皮滑滑

This time Purdue is located in Yilan County, Jiaoxi Township, Taiwan, and the temple of the Marshal Third Prince in Deyang Palace.

During the ghost month of the Chinese lunar calendar, to honor the spirits of the deceased!!!


Some people will be in their homes on the 15th of the lunar calendar Worship at the house door out, some people will follow the worship time of the temple to worship.


On the square of the temple, the temple staff will prepare a lot of tables for nearby residents to place their offerings!!


Because many nearby residents will participate in this custom, the staff of the temple may expand the site and set up temporary spaces for residents to use.


The nearby businesses that do business have better financial capabilities, so they will making food offerings to honor the spirits of the deceased,like in the photo, there are a few dozen boxes of sodas.


There are also many people who will order cakes together and worship together; after the worship, they will be distributed to nearby residents!!!


Introduce to everyone, the traditional Chinese festival!!So what’s the story of the day?

The Hell Gate opens once a year in September and all of those ghosts will rush to our world.


Have you seen Taiwanese people burn praying cash and place food by the grave? We believe our ancients need those cash and food in hell.

Everyone buys a lot of things for the Midyear Festival. It is one of our representative festival, and Kids love the day because there will be extra snacks and drink for Kids or everyone.



The seventh lunar month is traditionally regarded as Ghost Month, which is why The Ghost Festival is celebrated on its 15th day. It’s a blend of Taoist and Buddhist beliefs and rituals.

Since ancient times, Chinese people have believed that the gates of hell open up on the day of the festival, so people do things like releasing water lanterns, burning incense and joss paper, and making food offerings to honor the spirits of the deceased.


In addition to offering sacrifices to the undead through activities such as releasing water lanterns, burning incense, paper money, and offering food, there will also be performances of “Taiwanese Opera” for ghosts to watch and make them happy!!!


Now, some ghost are not that lucky, most of them didn’t have family when they were alive, don’ t even mention about food or money, that is why we feed them on The Chungyuan Festival, to show respect and do the Pu Tu for them. So basically, it is kind of memorial Day for the spirits.


It’s a bit like Halloween, “trick or treat” means very similar to wanting to eat candy!!

就有點像萬聖節,” trick or treat”想要糖果吃的意思很相近!!

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