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by 狗皮滑滑

Keelung is a very special city. The proportion of hillside land is as high as 95%, and because of its rainy and humid climate, the name “port in the rain” comes from.


Today we will introduce “a century-old air-raid shelter hiding in alleys”

今天介紹” 藏身巷弄的百年防空洞”

The bomb shelter can be reached from two places.

The first one is my route this time. Enter from “Ln. 25, Shiqiu Rd.”. Vehicles can be parked in the (Sports Center Parking Lot). It takes about 5 minutes to walk to the entrance of the air raid shelter.

The second is that you can enter from another direction “Jing 1st Rd.”.


第一個就是我這次的路線,由獅球路25巷進入,車輛可以停在(運動中心停車場) ,步行大約5分鐘就可以到防空洞的入口。


Introducing the history of bomb shelters:

The “Hundred-Year Air-raid Shelter” was built in 1903. It was originally an air-raid shelter for patients of the Japanese Army’s 61 Hospital (now Chenggong Elementary School). It was once an ammunition depot for the fortress.

介紹防空洞的歷史 :


In addition to the history of the Japanese occupation era, the story of the air-raid shelter is not unique. The folk rumors (Yi Xia Liao Tian Ding) shot and killed the Japanese spy Chen Liangjiu near the air-raid shelter in 1909, and in the presence of more than 100 policemen, military police, Under the rigorous search of the Zhuang Ding regiment, they successfully escaped from Shiqiu Ridge.


What everyone doesn’t know is that before the air-raid shelters were cleaned up, the shelters were dim and littered with rubbish, and even became a hiding place for drug addicts.

Under the struggle of the local chief, the lighting lit up the air-raid shelter, and also hung old photos to tell the past history, so that the air-raid shelter was no longer a dead end of public security, and transformed into a new tourist attraction.


Entering the tunnel, the lights are bright, the walls still have historical photos, and the ground is level, adding a sense of history.


In addition to becoming a tourist attraction, it is also the only way for local residents to go to the urban area; before it has been sorted out, local residents dare not pass through here. They have to walk from Dahua Theater to Zhaolian State House. The road takes 10 to 20 minutes to walk; but after renovation, the air-raid shelter becomes a fast passage for residents, and it only takes about 1 minute to cross.


The air-raid shelter has a small space. People who are about 180 cm tall walk in, and they definitely have to bow their heads. The width of the two sides can only accommodate two people passing by.


Go out of the century-old air-raid shelter, cross the level crossing, turn right along “Long’an St.” to Sankeng Station.


Sankeng is a small village with a strong nostalgic flavor. The railway runs through it. In the secluded long alley, there are small gourmet restaurants (Stewed Daikon with Soy Sauce), (Gao Ji – Handmade Fenyuan)… and other local delicacies, not to mention There are also the relics of the Japanese Occupation period, the Shiqiu Ridge Fortress, and the 100-year-old air-raid shelter.


If you have the opportunity to visit Keelung, this area of Sankeng is a good place to explore the ancient times and enjoy delicious food.


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