【Republic of China. TAIWAN】 Taiwan also has “authentic Malaysian cuisine”-Rich Dad Malaysian Cuisine

by 狗皮滑滑

Because I travel to Malaysia very much, I love Malaysian cuisine.

The owner who introduced this “Rich Dad Malaysian Cuisine” today is from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


今天介紹這間「富爸爸馬來西亞料理」 的老闆來自於馬來西亞的吉隆坡。

“Curry Laksa”

Laksa commonly referred to in the central and southern parts of Malaysia, Singapore and foreign regions mostly refers to curry laksa.

It is often called Curry Mee in northern Malaysia and central Malaysia.

The ingredients for curry laksa are mostly shredded chicken, bean sprouts, blood cockles, shrimp, eggs, etc. In the curry laksa of the Chinese community, pork blood, pork skin, roast pork, barbecued pork, etc. are added.

This is my favorite “Malaysian curry noodle”. It has a strong taste. I heard from the boss that the seasoning of curry is the exclusive secret recipe!!!

And the curry has to be fried over a high fire to have a strong curry aroma!!!

馬來西亞咖哩麵(咖哩叻沙Curry Laksa)

一般在中馬、南馬、新加坡及國外地區所稱呼的叻沙多指咖哩叻沙,在北馬及中馬一帶多稱為咖哩麵(Curry Mee)。 咖哩叻沙的配料多使用雞肉絲、豆芽、血蚶、蝦子、雞蛋等,在華人社區的咖哩叻沙會加入豬血、豬皮、燒肉、叉燒等。 這是我最喜歡吃的”馬來西亞咖哩麵” ,味道濃醇,聽老板說咖理的調味是獨家秘方!!!而且咖哩要大火炒過,才會有濃厚的咖哩香味!!!

“Nasi Lemak”

It is also very authentic taste.

Traditionally, a plate of nasi lemak consists of sliced cucumber, small river fish, roasted peanuts, fried water spinach, hard-boiled eggs (boiled or fried eggs), Indian pickles and sambal sauce ( A sauce made of shrimp paste and chili).

Nasi lemak can also have other condiments, such as chicken, octopus or squid, bird mussel, Indian shortbread, beef curry (simmering beef in a mixture of coconut milk and spices) or “baru” (beef lung).

Traditionally, most of the condiments are cucumbers, which are hot and cool in nature.

(椰漿飯Nasi Lemak)


“Hainan Chicken Rice”

Hainanese chicken rice was introduced to Malaya, Siam and Indonesia as early as the immigration wave from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century.

In the Chinese communities in Malaysia and Singapore, Hainanese chicken rice is often referred to as “chicken rice”. The total can be seen in food centers, cafes, and even shopping malls in various cities and towns. Generally, the price ranges from 3.50 to 6.50 ringgits. In between, they are served with special chili sauce and black soy sauce.

Generally, restaurants selling chicken rice will also provide dishes such as roast chicken, roast pork, barbecued pork, and lo-mei, giving customers a variety of choices. It has even evolved into chicken rice nibble in Malacca.

(海南雞飯Hainan Chicken Rice)


”Bak kut teh”

Bak Kut Teh is mainly divided into the Teochew Pie ​​which has a stronger pepper flavor and the Fujian Pie which is flavored with drum oil and has a strong medicinal flavor.

However, most of what Malaysia sells is Bak Kut Teh of Fujian style.

Singapore has more Bak Kut Teh from Teochew.

The owner of “Rich Dad Malaysian Cuisine” is from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Naturally, he sells the Fujian-style Bak Kut Teh with a strong medicinal flavor.

(肉骨茶bak kut teh)

肉骨茶主要分為胡椒味比較重的潮州派跟用鼓油調味、藥材味比較重的福建派,然後馬來西亞多數賣的都是福建派的肉骨茶,新加坡則是潮州派的肉骨茶比較多。而「富爸爸馬來西亞料理」 的老闆來自於馬來西亞的吉隆坡,賣的自然是藥膳味比較重的福建派肉骨茶了。

In the early years, many Chinese traveled to Southeast Asia to make a living here in Malaysia and Singapore. Those Chinese were mainly doing labor work. In order to supplement their physical strength, they cooked some cheap Chinese medicinal materials with pork and pork bones, which not only strengthened the body but also tasted and tasted. Yes, it gradually evolved into the “bak kut teh” that everyone knows now.


In Malaysia, “bak kut teh” is a typical breakfast dish.

“Dried Bak Kut Teh” means that the broth is boiled into a thicker gravy, and other ingredients are added, such as wolfberry, dried dates, dried chili and squid. Compared with the original Bak Kut Teh, “Dried Bak Kut Teh” tastes more textured, has a clearer taste, and has a more medicinal taste than traditional Bak Kut Teh.

在馬來西亞,”肉骨茶bak kut teh”是一道典型的 早餐 菜式。 「乾肉骨茶」,但即把肉湯煮成更濃稠的肉汁,再添入其他成分​​,如:枸杞子、乾棗、乾辣椒和魷魚等。與原來的肉骨茶相比,「乾肉骨茶」吃起來更有質感、有更清晰的味道,比傳統的更有藥味,還被譽為是解酒良藥。

This is the menu of “Rich Dad Malaysian Cuisine”, all of which are authentic Malaysian cuisine!!!


The color of the signboard and decoration at the entrance is the same color as the Malaysian flag!!!


The store is clean and tidy.
The owner, female boss and a Malaysian Chinese employee in the store, although there are not many staff, all the dishes are delicacies with the soul of Malaysia!!!

店內乾淨、整潔,店內成員老板、老板娘 及一位馬來西亞華人員工,雖然工作人員不多,但所有的料理都是附有馬來西亞在地靈魂的美食!!!

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